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5 Author Goals

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Since my first novel, The Long Shadow on the Stage, will be published on August 10th, I have been thinking a lot about what my goals are as an author. Because this is my first novel, I realize that I still have a lot to learn about writing, self-publishing, and marketing. I’m incredibly excited for my debut psychological thriller novel to finally be out in the world and can’t wait to start reaching my other goals. Here are the top 5 goals I hope to accomplish as an author.

1. Earn back the money I invested in self-publishing.

I hope to turn a profit during the first year after publishing. This is more of a short-term goal, but I think this will be the easiest one to accomplish. I’m aware it will take a lot of hard work and that I’ll have to invest money in marketing (i.e. ads), but I’m willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen.

2. Publish my second novel in 2021.

This is another short-term goal that I think is realistic. I am going to try my best to accomplish this goal next year. Many indie authors don’t find success until they have a sizable backlist of books published, so I know I need to keep writing and publishing if I want to be successful. Plus, I already have the idea for my second novel!

3. Get 100 reviews on Amazon.

I know this will take a while, but I have seen many articles with indie authors saying once you have 100+ Amazon reviews on your book, their algorithm will start showing your book to more potential customers. Also, having 100 reviews would be awesome because that would mean at least 100 people have read my book!

4. Release a hardcover version of my first novel.

Initially, The Long Shadow on the Stage will be available in the eBook and paperback formats. Until I began the self-publishing process and researched pricing, I had no idea how expensive and difficult it is to publish a hardcover book. However, in 2021, I would like to re-release my first book as a hardcover. Maybe I will even include some bonus content in it!

5. Become a full-time author.

This is my dream. If it takes me 5 years or 10 years, someday I would love to be earning enough money from my books every year to be able to work as a full-time author.

An important fact I have realized since starting my self-publishing journey is that I thrive when I have a list of goals with specific timeframes and stipulations set. I love achieving goals and surpassing the high expectations I set for myself. I think setting goals is motivating to most people because it gives you something to reach for, so you know what you’re working towards. It also helps if you begin to lose motivation or inspiration because you can remind yourself of why you started this journey and what you want to get out of it.

If you’re an author, what are your short-term and long-term goals? And if you’re not an author, what are your career goals?

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