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Owner & Editor
Nichole Heydenburg


​In 2021, Nichole quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of being a full-time author and freelance editor. She started her editing business, Poisoned Ink Press LLC, in an effort to help indie authors publish the best possible books. Nichole enjoys helping other authors bring their books to life. She provides feedback in an honest constructive way to highlight the positive parts of the manuscript and provide suggestions to improve the weaknesses.


When you work with Poisoned Ink Press, you can rest easy knowing your book is in safe hands. The services offered include manuscript critiques, editing, and proofreading for author bios, book blurbs, novels, novellas, and short stories.


Nichole is interested in working with authors on books in

the following genres:




-Crime fiction


-Young adult




Even if your book genre isn't listed above, feel free to reach

out with a brief synopsis and the genre.


The genres Nichole won't read include the following:

-Romance (although fantasy romance, romantic suspense, or other genres with a romance in it are fine)


-Historical fiction

-MG books and children's books


Please fill out the form below to book any of the services mentioned. If the service you require isn't in the options, please inquire and a response will be provided regarding whether that service can be completed.

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