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The Long Shadow of Death

Book #3 in The Long Shadow Thriller Series

The Long Shadow of Death descends for the final time.

In the final book in The Long Shadow trilogy, Delia Wilson is living with her friends, Becca and Joel, and struggling to pay business expenses for her new private investigator company. When Delia takes her dog on a walk one morning, her worst fear comes true. Becca is missing and the only clue is a note from the kidnapper addressed to Delia. She’s forced to take on her most terrifying case yet, saving her best friend.

Meanwhile, Edgar Peterson is awaiting trial in Minnesota's highest security prison. He may be locked away, but he’s far from safe inside the walls of the prison. When he receives an unexpected visit from an old friend who promises to help him escape, Edgar can't refuse, despite the risk.

Delia is intent on figuring out who kidnapped Becca and she’s positive Edgar was involved. Everyone tries to convince Delia that her obsession with Edgar is clouding her judgment. Will Delia finally be able to let go of her fixation on Edgar and find out how to save her best friend? Or will she continue to chase after Edgar until someone dies?



Praise for The Long Shadow of Death

— Julie's Bookshelf Adventures

“The novel jumps right into the action and keeps the reader holding on for the ride."

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