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What happens when the line between fiction and reality blurs?

All Camille Monroe wants is a quiet place to work on her novel. Hoping for inspiration, she retreats to a cabin in Asheville, with only her dog Brody as company.


Leah Strauss thought the summer after high school graduation would be amazing, but when her boyfriend Vincent suffers an untimely loss, her dream of the perfect summer is destroyed. Attempting to cheer up Vincent, Leah's twin sister Ava and her boyfriend Noah join them on a road trip.


When a snowstorm strikes the mountains while Leah and her friends are hiking, they struggle to find their campsite. After becoming lost in the woods, they stumble across a cabin and seek shelter from the storm.

As the days pass, the guests feel increasingly unsafe in the stranger's cabin. Camille seems to know all their secrets, and she doesn't want them to leave. Who is this dangerous writer and what does she want from them? Their biggest problem quickly becomes escaping the cabin alive.


These Deadly Words is a young adult supernatural thriller book, intended for ages 13+. It's perfect for fans of Misery.

Content warnings: alcoholism, underage drinking, suicide, swearing, murder.




Praise for These Deadly Words

“Nichole Heydenburg is one of my favorite authors... Un-put-downable!  These Deadly Words is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.”

— Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

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