A standalone YA thriller book



Violet is a quiet teenager who moved to a new state and transferred to a new school, where she doesn’t know anyone. She misses her friends, especially her best friend, Abby, and her old life. But worst of all, the popular girls at her new school are intent on making her life a living hell, bullying her ceaselessly until she can’t take it anymore.

When Violet meets a cute boy named Jess, she’s shocked when he wants to be her friend. As they become closer and she falls for this mysterious boy, one day he tells her he has a plan. A plan to get revenge on the popular girls. Violet agrees until she finds out Jess is going to take things too far. She wonders if she should stop him before he hurts the girls who tortured her or if she should help him and finally get her revenge.

*Content warnings: swearing, sexual references, abuse, bullying, depression, anxiety, death, and murder.

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