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Are you a writer looking for a professional editor to edit your book, book blurb, or author bio? Do you need someone to provide insightful feedback on your book?

Nichole Heydenburg graduated from Adrian College in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in English. She worked as the Content Manager for Apex Waves for over 3 years. She wrote and edited all the content on Apex Waves' website.

Nichole has worked a variety of writing-focused jobs over the past 5 years. In 2021, she quit her full-time job to pursue her dream of being a full-time author and freelance editor. She started her editing business, Poisoned Ink Press LLC. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and is currently taking several courses to further strengthen her editing skills.


Nichole is also an indie author. She self-published The Long Shadow thriller trilogy and enjoys helping other authors bring their books to life.


When you work with Poisoned Ink Press, you can rest easy knowing your book is in safe hands. The services offered include beta reading, editing, and proofreading for author bios, book blurbs, novels, novellas, plays, short stories, and more.


Beta Reading Services

Reader feedback is so valuable to writers, which is why it’s incredibly important to get that feedback before you publish your book.

Nichole understands the process of writing and editing a book and knows firsthand how important constructive feedback is. She also understands how difficult it can be to find beta readers you trust. She  provides feedback in a way that highlights the positive parts of your fiction work and points out the problem areas as well.

Nichole's comments will be in Microsoft Word using the “track changes” feature and will center around the following questions:

  • Do the first few pages grip the reader and pull you into the story?

  • Was there too much exposition?

  • Are the characters likeable or relatable?

  • Were the characters well-developed? Do they change over the course of the story?

  • Was the dialogue realistic?

  • Were there parts of the story when the reader's attention lags?

  • Was the pacing and flow of the story on point?

  • Were any parts confusing or out of place?

  • Was the ending satisfying?

  • What are the highlights of the book?

  • Did the book match genre expectations?

  • Were there any major plot holes, errors, or inconsistencies?


If there is something else specific you would like feedback on or you would like editing or proofreading services included, please be sure to include that in your request.

Nichole's favorite book genres are thriller, mystery, crime fiction, and horror, but she will also consider reading YA or fantasy if it is a book with a compelling premise.

Bronze Package: 

This package is designed for feedback for short stories and other short fiction works up to 20,000 words. The bronze package includes a detailed reader report with the above questions answered.

Delivery Time: 5 days.

Pricing: $25


Silver Package: 

This package is created for novellas or other fiction from 20,00 to 49,999 words. The silver package includes a detailed reader report and a sample line edit of the first few pages of your novella.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $45


Gold Package: 

This package is specifically for novels from 50,000 to 69,999 words. The gold package includes a detailed reader report and a sample line edit of the first few pages of your book.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $65

Platinum Package:

This package is specifically for novels from 70,000 to 80,000 words. If the novel is longer, a beta read can be booked for an additional cost, depending on how much higher the word count is. The platinum package includes a detailed reader report and a sample line edit of the first few pages of your book.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $85

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Editing Services

There are several types of editing for your book, novella, or short story collection.

Developmental Editing:

This is the first step in the editing process and involves a detailed, in-depth edit of your whole book. During a developmental edit, the editor will point out any problems with character development and plot. This type of editing will also assess the style and structure of the book, point of view (POV) or head-hopping issues, the target audience, and genre standards. Developmental editing enhances the “big picture” elements in the story.

Delivery Time: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $0.01 per word


Copy Editing:

This type of editing is an examination of grammar, punctuation, word choice, and consistency. Copy editing involves strengthening the language, cutting repetitive sentences, getting rid of passive voice, and changing awkward dialogue. Copy editing includes a style sheet.

Deadline: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $0.008 per word



This is the last step in the editing process when you’re nearly ready for publication. Proofreading is the final look at the manuscript for any typos or errors that were missed in the other rounds of editing.

Deadline: 2 weeks.

Pricing: $0.006 per word


Back Cover Blurb Edit: 

The back cover blurb is the summary of your book that goes on the back cover. The back cover blurb needs to be enticing and make the reader want to purchase your book. For this edit, the focus is on confirming the blurb fits the genre and introduces the main character and the conflict without giving too much away. It should leave the reader wanting more.

Deadline: 3 days.

Pricing: $25 for 1 edit or $40 for 2 edits.


Author Bio Edit: 

The author bio is used on the back of your book and on your author website. It should be a brief bio about the author, including details like any accolades or awards they have received, their degree if relevant, and a personal fact or two. This edit focuses on ensuring the author bio is succinct but interesting.

Deadline: 3 days.

Pricing: $25 for 1 edit or $40 for 2 edits.

*Editing services include a free sample edit of the first 2,000 words.

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*All services require a 50% non-refundable deposit at time of booking.

Client Testimonials

"I am SO excited to be working with Nichole! She did a Beta read for me and the feedback was just what I needed. She told me what worked and what didn’t work, as well as an in-depth report of my book. I will absolutely be having her edit my book once it’s complete! Highly recommend."

-Lorryn M.

Services Provided:

Beta Reading, Developmental Editing, and Copy Editing

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