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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Every time I start writing, whether it is a blog post, a poem, or working on my novel, I always enjoy listening to music. While writing, I prefer to listen to music by artists that I know well. I have discovered that if I already have the lyrics memorized to a song, it helps me concentrate on writing more because I’m not focused on listening to the lyrics, trying to interpret the meaning behind the song, or attempting to figure out what the artist is singing.

Bands with unique style, thought-provoking lyrics, and poetic influences like Blue October and La Dispute seem to help inspire my writing. Lyrics are the most important part of a song to me. I love uniquely beautiful voices like Justin Furstenfeld’s in Blue October. I gravitate towards emotional music that pierces through to your soul. I also tend to like bands with a talented violinist like Ryan Delahoussaye in Blue October. Due to the type of writing I implement, these types of music align with the theme/style/tone I write. Depending on my mood, I might switch it up sometimes and add OneRepublic, U2, Metric, or Prince. Below you can check out my typical writing playlist, which I hope brings you some inspiration!

Does anyone else like listening to music while writing? If so, what is your writing playlist?

Blue October:

· Into the Ocean.

· Breakfast After Ten.

· Your Love is Like a Car Crash.

· I Hope You’re Happy.

· Fear.

· Angels in Everything. *Wedding Song

· How to Dance in Time.

· Picking up Pieces.

· Calling You.

· For my Brother.

· Italian Radio.

· The Worry List.

La Dispute:

· The Last Lost Continent.

· The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit.

· Woman.

· Said the King to the River.

· A Broken Jar.

· Harder Harmonies.

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