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Author, Editor, and Business Owner

Welcome to the official website for Nichole Heydenburg! Nichole is the author of The Long Shadow thriller trilogy for adults, as well as These Deadly Words and The Quiet Girl  YA thrillers for teens.

Nichole offers editing services for authors through her company, Poisoned Ink Press LLC.



Book 1 in The Long Shadow Thriller Series

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The Long Shadow on the Stage is a psychological thriller book for adults, which includes elements of murder mystery and crime fiction genres as well. Comparative titles include Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike series and Stephen King's Bill Hodges trilogy.

*This book includes profanity, violence, death, and one scene of animal cruelty.

Brief synopsis: An actor on a popular TV show unexpectedly dies during filming, leaving everyone questioning if it was suicide or murder.


Book 2 in The Long Shadow Thriller Series

The Long Shadow of Memory is a crime thriller book for adults. It can be read as a standalone book.

*This book includes profanity, violence, gore, death, and an LGBTQ+ romance.

Brief synopsis: A man wakes up in Mexico with amnesia. He is haunted by a handsome man with a gunshot wound in his head and begins to wonder what terrible things he did in his past.

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A standalone young adult supernatural thriller

These Deadly Words is a young adult thriller book meant for readers ages 13+.

*This book includes swearing, alcoholism, underage drinking, suicide, and murder.

Brief synopsis: Camille retreats to her cabin to work on her novel in peace. But four teenagers show up seeking shelter from a snowstorm. Her guests only plan to stay a night, but soon discover they can't leave. Who is this dangerous writer and what does she want from them? Their biggest problem quickly becomes escaping the cabin alive.

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A standalone young adult thriller

The Quiet Girl is a young adult thriller book meant for readers ages 13+.

*This book includes profanity, sexual references, murder, bullying, abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Brief synopsis: Violet Hale is a quiet teenager who just started over at a new school, where the popular girls have targeted her. When she meets the cute and mysterious Jess, he tells her about his plan for revenge. The only problem is he wants to take it too far.

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Book 3 in The Long Shadow Thriller Series

The Long Shadow of Death is a thriller book for adults. It's the third and final book in the trilogy. The first two books need to be read to fully understand the characters and plot.

*This book includes profanity, violence, gore, and death.

Brief synopsis: Delia's best friend, Becca, has been kidnapped and she knows there's only one person who would resort to that. But is she wrong about the kidnapper's motive? After all, she's pissed off a lot of people.

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