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A standalone upper YA thriller book

Don’t question the lies. Don’t investigate. And most importantly, Don’t Look Inside


Elena Pierce’s junior year of college unfolds with a precarious situation—a mysterious new roommate named Mara. Despite her best efforts, Mara remains distant. Elena becomes increasingly wary as a string of unsettling disappearances rocks the campus.

Amid the chaos, Elena’s boyfriend exhibits strange behavior. Elena teams up with her friends Joe and Logan to unveil the truth. As they dig deeper, a shocking revelation emerges. Elena is forced to consider the unimaginable: Is someone close to her responsible for the vanishing girls?

In this gripping psychological thriller, Elena must confront the unsettling reality—the true culprits may be hiding in plain sight, ready to shatter her world forever.



Don't Look Inside is an upper young adult thriller book, intended for ages 16+. It's perfect for fans of Single White Female, Sweeney Todd, and Taylor Swift’s “No body, no crime.”

Note: This book contains swearing, underage drinking, torture, murder, a hit-and-run, drugs, sexual assault, and rape.

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