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Some secrets are better left buried.


In the sequel to The Long Shadow on the Stage, former Police Officer Delia Wilson partners with private detective, Jerry Walden. The duo is determined to apprehend the murderer of Jackson Birkman, but first, they have to find him.


Meanwhile, Kevin wakes up in Mexico suffering from memory loss. After befriending Liam, a charming bartender, he decides to stay in Mexico until he can learn more about his past. As the weeks go by, Kevin and Liam grow closer. But all is not as it seems. Kevin is haunted by a handsome, dark-haired man with a gunshot wound in his head. With every flashback, he questions if the terrifying memories are real and begins to wonder what terrible acts he committed in his past.

Note: This book contains profanity, violence, and murder.

This crime thriller trilogy is perfect for fans of Stephen King's Bill Hodges Trilogy and Caroline Kepnes' You series.

The Long Shadow of Memory

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