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4 Required Items for Writing

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Every time I sit down to write, whether it is working on a blog post, writing or editing my novel, or just writing for fun, there are a few things I need to help me write.

1. My laptop.

This one is obvious, but I have grown to rely on my laptop and prefer typing to writing by hand.

2. Beverages.

If it’s a Saturday or Sunday morning, then I’ll most likely be drinking coffee. On the weekend, later in the day or the night, I’ll probably be drinking cider. If it’s a weeknight, then I’m just drinking water.

3. A cozy blanket.

Unless it’s the summer, I’m always sitting in my house with a fuzzy blanket draped over me.

4. Music.

I love listening to Blue October and La Dispute while writing. They’re my go to bands for background writing music because the mood of their music usually matches my writing style. Watching TV is too distracting while I’m writing, so I prefer music.

If you’re a writer, what do you need to help you concentrate and stay focused while writing?


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