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Bookish Content by Female YouTubers I Enjoyed this Week

Hi Readers and Writers! Since March is Women’s History Month, I have been trying to share content I enjoy by female content creators. I think every day is a good day to celebrate the achievements of women. It’s especially important in this crazy world for women to help build each other up, instead of continuously trying to tear each other down. Thus, this week’s blog post will highlight a few of my favorite YouTube videos from the past week that were centered around bookish/writing-related content and created by women.

1. Dawn Kozak’s YouTube video: “UNBOXING | The Indie Bookworm March 2021.”

In this awesome unboxing video, you get a sneak peek of what was included in The Indie Bookworm’s book box for March. My debut psychological thriller book, The Long Shadow on the Stage, was part of The Indie Bookworm’s March book box, which was awesome! A signed paperback of The Long Shadow on the Stage was included in the box, along with several bookish goodies related to the March book box theme “All-nighter.” The Indie Bookworm is hosting an all-night read-a-thon on March 20th. If you want to join us, check out the Facebook event! You can buy an eBook of The Long Shadow on the Stage here or order a signed paperback here.

2. Bethany Atazadeh’s YouTube video: “BEHIND THE SCENES of a BOOK RELEASE // VLOG // Part 1.”

Bethany Atazadeh was one of the first AuthorTubers I discovered over a year ago. Her videos are extremely helpful for indie authors. Her video this week shows what goes on behind the scenes of a book release. She will be releasing Part 2 of the video soon!

3. Mandi Lynn’s YouTube video: “The Brutal Reality of Being Self-Employed – One Year After Lay Off [Part 1].” VLOG ✨ Self-Employed Income – One Year After Lay Off [Part 2]

Mandi Lynn is another of my favorite AuthorTubers whose videos I watch weekly. This week, she shared her personal experience with being self-employed for a year and the struggles that come with working for yourself.

4. Sarra Cannon’s HeartBreathings YouTube video: “Plotting My Books In A Classic Happy Planner.”

Sarra Cannon’s HeartBreathings YouTube channel is probably the most uplifting, inspirational YouTube channel I’m subscribed to. In this week’s video, she explains (and shows examples of) how she plots her books in a planner.

I also wanted to share this poem by Rupi Kaur because it's relevant to Women's History Month:

"of course

i want to be

successful but

i don't crave

success for me

i need to be


to gain enough

milk and honey

to help those

around me


I hope the content in these videos is inspiring and helpful for my fellow writers! Comment below if you have any favorite female YouTubers whose channels you would recommend.

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