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The Quiet Girl: A young adult revenge thriller for ages 13+. Violet Hale is a quiet teenager who just started over at a new school, where the popular girls have targeted her. When she meets the cute and mysterious Jess, he tells her about his plan for revenge.


These Deadly Words: A young adult supernatural thriller for ages 13+. Camille retreats to her cabin to work on her novel in peace. Four teenagers show up seeking shelter from a storm. Her guests only plan to stay a night, but soon discover they can't leave. Who is this dangerous writer and what does she want from them?


Don't Look Inside: An upper young adult psychological thriller for ages 16+. Elena Pierce's junior year of college unfolds with a precarious situation...a mysterious new roommate named Mara. Despite her best efforts, Mara remains distant. Elena becomes increasingly wary as a string of unsettling disappearances rocks the campus.

Young Adult Thriller Books Bundle

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